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If Music Can Stir Your Soul Imagine What It Can do for Your Lungs



The world’s first music-powered airway clearance vest for cystic fibrosis

SICK BEATS harnesses deep bass frequencies (40 Hz) proven to loosen mucus as effectively as traditional therapy. The vest’s 8 patented actuators pull these frequencies from music and deliver them deep into the chest as powerful sound waves.


The Breakdown

The SICK BEATS Vest is a redesign of the Woojer Vest Edge consumer device, optimized for use in cystic fibrosis. It has not been FDA approved for use or sale for this purpose and is currently in clinical development.

  • BUILT FOR BASS 8 actuators create powerful sound waves that penetrate deep into the body to shake loose mucus.
  • PRECISELY TARGETED 360° immersive experience specially designed to wrap around the lungs.
  • MADE TO CONNECT Analog and digital inputs with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Let The Beat Drop

The SICK BEATS experience operates through Spotify. We’ve collected a catalog of thousands of therapeutic 40 Hz songs. Follow SICK BEATS on Spotify to explore the catalog and discover new playlists, or create your own with our playlist generator below.

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Thank you to all the cystic fibrosis families who spent time with the vest and generously provided input. Special thanks to the Marinaro, Van Ost, Nolan, Gomez, Small, Wrhel, and Archuleta families for documenting your journey for the world to see.